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01 // Everything is Bigger in Texas

This well-worn proverb represents both the geography and the population who call America’s 28th state home. Nearly the size of Europe, Texas boasts a rich history of powerful personalities, from fiercely independent settlers to revolutionary historical figures whose sensibilities are sewn into the fabric of the Lone Star state to this day.

 If you’re a surfer, however, this saying is sure to piss you off a bit as you wait around for decent surf to reach the coast. Sure, we get great waves here and there, but to be honest, it’s rare to find consistent and quality surf on a regular basis. In order to progress and keep the stoke, one must get creative. Enter Waterloo.

Waterloo started with a close group of friends fed up with this inconvenient truth, who found rivers and lakes near Austin that would allow the elbow room to whip a weighed down boat. Using wakesurf boards, they found, while a far cry from a screaming six-foot tube, they could recreate the feeling of ripping tiny, shreddable waves with their equipment.

 The important part was the fun. So much fuckin’ fun to be had. This led a member of this close crew, Alec Cameron to begin taking a stab at shaping wakesurf boards that would allow even more fun and freedom. He named it after the original name for Austin, Texas - Waterloo. 

Cameron began with some prototypes that he and his crew test piloted, found that he was damn good at it, and began building a business around his unique shred sleds. Successful shortboard designs gave way to include longboards where recreating nose rides became a repeatable and reliable way to keep the toes on the nose.

After honing his craft for 5 years he ran into some production difficulties trying to secure materials and afford labor. In a classic Tex/Mex move, Waterloo moved shop to Baja, where access to supplies, quality labor, and waves gave him and the growing brand a solid base of production.

This new chapter in the Waterloo story is akin to a new beginning. With an increased ability to churn out new shapes and refine existing models, Alec and co have more time and resources to hone in on making the most exciting and high performance boards possible. Are you ready to have some fun?


Written by: Neal Kearney

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