The Process

The Process

Every one of our boards is made from 2lb. Expanded Polystyrene foam (EPS) which is fuse molded into blocks by Star Foam in Dallas, Texas. From there, each block is hotwired into “blanks” which have the exact rocker template desired for each shape. Next, our shaper Alec Cameron, handshapes each blank using an arsenal of handheld tools, without the help of any CNC Machines or Computers of any kind! Fin boxes are set next, then passed along to the “glassing” phase of the manufacturing process.

“Glassing” refers to the process where each board gets its structure. Its a combination of FIberglass and Resin to get the strength needed to perform. We use 4oz and 6oz weights of S-2 glass on all of our boards, supplied by BGF Industries out of Greensboro, North Carolina. Our epoxy resins consist of FDA approved biocarbon Epoxy resins, supplied by Greenroom Board Co. in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Part of our process includes what is known in the industry as “Resin Tinting”. This is how our boards get their rich color. The reason we use this instead of pre/post glass painting, is to ensure the longevity of each board we make. Paint is known to cause delamination when used before glassing, and chipping when used after glassing. The only way around this is by mixing the desired colors pigment into our resins as we glass each board. This takes great skill and many years of experience to master!

The next step is to FINISH sand each board. This again takes many hours, and years of know how to complete correctly. Each board is sanded with 4-10 different grits of sandpaper to get the desired FInish for the customer. Once sanding is complete each board is polished and sealed to ensure the best FInish possible.