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    The Minion is the smallest board we offer. It features a hard rail throughout, combined with a single FIn layout, to give the rider ultimate ease when riding. Best suited for kids, and riders 100lbs. and under!
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    The Hoochie is our big bodied noserider. Meant for bigger riding and offers superior noseridability! with its thinner rails and wider proFIle, noseriding is not only accepted, but required. Great board for point and beach breaks alike.
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    Screw Loose

    The Screw Loose is the first skim style board in the Waterloo lineup. This board is extremely fast down the line due to its relaxed rocker and sharp rail profile. This board almost does 360's on its own so if surface tricks are your game then this is your board!
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    The Plank is the largest and the most fun wake-surf board we offer. Meant to ride like a traditional longboard or fun shape, Its wide frame and rounded proFIle allows for a smooth and easy ride. This board is perfect for beginners and experienced riders so grab a friend, or three, and walk the Plank!
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    The Quatro is one of our most popular shape amongst our customers. Excellent in speed and control and as light as you could ask for, it's no wonder our customers tell us, "it's the best board I've ever ridden!".
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    This board was designed by our Pro Rider Morgan Lohmeier and is a must have for any rider looking for an extremely fast and responsive board. This board is very user friendly, and offers more release and carveability than previous years! This board is perfect for amateur riders and pros alike.