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    Question Mark

    The Question Mark is our rounded pintail noserider. Fairly proFIled concave and moderate rocker make this an extremely versatile log that goes great any day, and is tuned for waves with a little more punch and than others.
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    The Hoochie is our big bodied noserider. Meant for bigger riding and offers superior noseridability! with its thinner rails and wider proFIle, noseriding is not only accepted, but required. Great board for point and beach breaks alike.
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    Cruise Control

    The Cruise Control is our take on a classic 60's style noserider. Catches waves early and doesn't let go. Works great for the noserider and the rider looking for a great all around long board. It features a smooth rocker proFIle and narrower outline, so it prefers to be taken through the paces!
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    The Rook is our version of the PIG style log, but with some minor tweaks. wide point pushed back, and a fairly deep concave in the narrower nose, but a little beaFIer rail. Great board for point and beach breaks alike.
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    Special Sauce

    The Special Suace is our go to mid length board. It works great as a transition board, and goes well in most conditions. Preferred as a 2+1 n setup, and rides best when the mindset riding the board is having fun!
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    The Ders was our FIrst ocean shape here at Waterloo, and is inspired after a traditional diamond tail shape. If your looking for a high performing short board with enough volume to carry you through the smaller days, look no further.
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    Big Tuna

    The Big Tuna is Waterloo's take on the ever so popular FIsh shape. This board rides great in a multitude of waves, and guarantees a good stoke. If you've never owned a FIsh, you can't really imagine the feel. DeFInitely a must have for any quiver!
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    Reef Chief

    Our Reef Chief model is one of our most versatile and highest performing boards available. With a little more tail and nose rocker than the others, this board handles any wave it catches with ease.
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    Afternoon Delight

    The Afternoon Delight is a wider bodied, curvier outlined shortboard. Goes great in most conditions, making it a very versatile option. Its round proFIle make it very user friendly on small to medium waves.