About Us

Howdy, We are Waterloo.
Handshaped in Austin, Texas.

We are a lifestyle brand tailored to the everyday Surfer & Adventurer. From our handshaped surfboards, to our top quality adventure gear, we use only the highest quality materials and processes. We believe quality does matter, and we are committed to prove that in every aspect of our product line.

Our roots go back to 2013 when the FIrst board was made. We saw a need for a higher quality board that rode how you wanted it to. From there an obsession was born with making not only surfboards by hand, but also an array of other useful products we are into.

We wholeheartedly believe in the beneFIts of handshaping our surfboards, and in turn producing a far better surFIng experience. We Founded Waterloo with one mission: To make the highest quality surFIng gear and accessories, that will stand the test of surf trips and everyday adventures!

We’ve experimented with countless materials, processes, and techniques to bring you the best performing products imaginable. Our feet stand FIrmly planted in the sand of the surFIng world, but we also want to make products for the times in between swells and surf trips!

We are the premiere Surf Adventure brand aimed at bringing you the highest quality surfs and crafts.

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